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illegibilus: Caligo Crux by xanthirobotic illegibilus: Caligo Crux by xanthirobotic
10/01 EDIT:  Relationship charts updated new things are highlighted in green, and rp in progress thing means that the information on that character may not be up to date because I like to wait until an rp is finished before editing. 

09/16 EDIT: new misc. section added, prefect badge displayed thank you for reminding me tai ;v; ALSO MAKING HIS CREEPY NOTEBOOK CANON AS OF TODAY. 

THE NOTEBOOK(S): for those of you who don't know the notebook is something Caligo made in his second and third year that contains the full name, blood status, grade point average, and some general personal information of everyone in the Slytherin house. He has information on the other houses as well but he only went out of his way to collect names and grade point average for the others, unless there was a "big" event or interesting general knowledge he probably didn't write anything else about outside house students. I won't use this to god mod or anything, unless given permission Caligo will never preemptively know anything but a character's full name, and really only form the Slytherin house because he HAS NOT memorized all the students in school I mean who the frick has time for that anyway?? So yeah if you want to add any information to Cali's burn book note me and eventually I will post a doc for everyone to see what Cali knows. 

♦ -Achievements- ♦
Prefect Badge by row
Finis Badge by rowQWC Badge by rowGala Badge by row

This is the wonderful group this character belongs to:

SO I"M BACK, I just finished my summer class a couple days ago and passed so I finally have time again! I actually finished the picture the night my class finished but then I spent a lot of time updating the info. I'm switching to a more line art reliant style with CELL SHADING which I haven't used in a long time ahha. i'm super happy with it, and I fixed that awful wand so it looks a little more how I pictured it. 

Forth year rendition if you want to see him:

CALIGO HAS CHANGED!! He's developed a lot in both bad and good ways, got just a bit of a haircut, mostly just neatened it up, and he's hit a growth spurt! The last big one he's going to have sadly~ and also the sweater vest has been disposed of mostly to avoid any further embarrassment, feel free to give a moment of silence for the passing of that wonderful argile expression of house pride...

don't worry he still has the matching socks. 

(I've updated a lot, but the main changes were in personality and school career areas if you wanted to get the gist of things.)

The Basics
♦ Name - Caligo Crux
♦ Age - 15
♦ Gender - DMAB Cis-gendered
♦ Height - 5'6
♦ Weight - 142 Ids 
♦ Birthday - Oct 30th
♦ House - Slytherin
♦ Year - 5th

Wand Characteristics
♦ Core: Dragon Heartstring
♦ Length: 13 3/4 inches
♦ Wood: Beech
♦ Flexibility: Solid

Spells -

    ♦ Shielding Charm Protego                                         
Creates a shield from the caster's wand which deflects jinxes, hexes, and curses. The strength of this spell is directly connected to the skill and talent of the wizard, and stronger versions can protect against very advanced curses - or even reflect failed jinxes back against the attacker. Other advanced uses of the spell include protecting an area from outside harm (Protego Totalum); there are as many advanced variations as there are wizards to think them up. 

    ♦ Obliteration Charm Nonverbal,                                        
Used to eliminate things one doesn't wish others to see - specifically, things such as foot prints, writing, and the like - while leaving the surroundings intact and undisturbed. 

    ♦ Stunning Spell Stupefy,                                        
One of the basic dueling spells. It temporarily stuns an opponent, rendering them inert for a few precious seconds. 

    ♦ Incendio Incendio,                                        
Creates a jet of flame which expels from the wand. The power of this spell increases with the skill and experience of the caster. 

    ♦ Releasing Charm Relashio,                                         
Forces someone or something binding the caster to release - it can break the grip of a hand or unfasten chains or ropes. It has also been used as a defensive charm, and in skilled hands can have concussive effects. 

Personality -

 distant ♦ critical ♦ perceptive ♦ impersonal ♦ willful ♦ meticulous ♦ curt ♦ sensitive ♦ volatile 

Caligo is a very distant person, usually preferring the role of the silent unseen observer to keep himself safely untangled in people’s affairs. If you manage to find him he will be tucked away in some nook, usually with a pile of texts at his side, silently observing the happenings around him while simultaneously enjoying a good biography. He is very critical when comes to others, having the tendency to pick people apart from the very first moment of their first impression. His perceptive skills are used to ensure that if the situation calls for it, he can cut it short with a single venomous remark and send whoever it may be on their way or at least shut them up. He is quite efficient with this skill and uses it to keep himself well guarded. The truth of it is he has come to hate interacting with people casually, such situations having proven to only leave you vulnerable. So instead he keeps things clean and impersonal, convincing himself with some effort that people are not worth his time or grief. In stark contrast to his wariness in personal affairs he excels in official matters. He can be very authoritative and willful, and will not head any personal criticism from others. He is careful and meticulous in making his decisions, and any “friendly advice” is met with a curt rebuff, except from those trusted and select few. Often he has made up his mind long before the other had opened their mouth and anything they said would be nothing more than a waste of precious oxygen. He stays cool an collected as long as he keeps his distance from others, which he has been careful to do, but he does have a sensitive and volatile side to him. Criticism actually cuts him very deeply and he has worked very hard to eb back his temper in recent months to leave himself less open to it. Now it takes a very particular type of person to set him off, and even in those cases thanks to his careful control his temper usually only consists of a few very nasty remarks and a spiteful look before he washes his hands of you completely. 

Background -

-Personal Life-

Caligo’s father Lorem was born into a wizard family with a long prestigious pureblood lineage, and he hated it bitterly. Lorem hated the elitist attitude of his family, and even more so he hated the people he was expected to rub elbows with simply because they had the same excuse for their pompous attitudes and sour expressions. When he went to Hogwarts he broke tradition pretty quickly being sorted without hesitation into Ravenclaw. He loved school, and among many other things found himself studying muggles extensively. At first it was purely out of spite. He could study anything and enjoy it, he just chose muggles for the added bonus of giving his parents fits. As time passed he found a true passion in his studies. When he was older and out of school he began working in muggle relations, he enjoyed his work well enough, and it was far away from his family. In his twenties he met Caligo’s mother who frequented the same bakery. They obviously developed a romantic relationship, and eventually after a few years Lorem felt it was time she knew about the other half of his life. She was shocked to say the least scarcely believing it at first, but Lorem was not hard pressed to come up with proof. He made it clear from the start that he didn’t mind having nothing to do with the wizarding world, if anything he felt he was probably better suited for a simple muggle life. Regina didn't mind. She had her fun asking all the questions she could, but she could easily live without so much excitement. They were married; Lorem got a muggle job and settled down with his new wife in a suburb. Around two years later Caligo was born and neither of his parents had any intention of keeping his world away from him, or his grandparents away from their grandson.

Ater and Canus had lost hope for their son long ago, even before he brought his new fiancée by for introductions and wedding plans, but they had hope and love for their grandson. They didn’t blame him for his mother, just pitied him. When Caligo was younger his the whole family would go along for the visits to his grandparents, but Canus and Ater's attitudes towards his mother made everything uncomfortable. His parents began accompanying Caligo less and less to save everyone some grief. Caligo always loved visiting, and eventually he just began staying the summers with his grandparents, along with annual visits on holidays. His parents were never exceptionally warm or interesting people to Caligo, and from as far back as he could recall he always felt much more affection towards his grandparents. This was in no small part due to the excessive spoiling and doting they did, but Caligo would never humor the idea himself. They tried to show him all they could of the magical world, especially when they had him to themselves. They took him on amazing trips and gave him mountains of gifts. This was mostly to show Caligo just what his father had given up and what he could have if he didn't make the same mistakes. They told him that he couldn’t help that he was a half blood, but if he worked hard enough he may be able to redeem himself somewhat. He took it to heart and learned what was expected of him, and living up to those expectations became his pride and joy from very early on. Even as a young child going to primary school if asked to do something he didn't want to his argument often was, "I am a Crux, I don't have to do such stupid things." His parents being on the more timid side didn't know what to do about his attitude without pushing him away or taking overly drastic measures, so instead they took a back seat, and hoped he would grow out of it.

He didn't, in fact he grew more and more distant from his parents even though he spent most of the year with them. It was especially difficult during the earlier years of his schooling at Hogwarts, he took up his grandparents dispositions and shared their opinions towards muggles. He hardly associated with his mother, deciding she simply could not understand him and it was not worth trying, if anything it was cruel to tease her with such things. He saw her as incapable of comprehending his world, or much of anything to be honest. This took its toll on the family, his mother was beside herself being so completely discarded by her only child. His father saw more and more of his parents in Caligo every day and began to resent him. Lorem came to the conclusion that there was nothing he or anyone could do, the ugly dispositions of his family were rooted to deep, he had spent his whole life trying to escape from it, and his son turned and embraced it. He quickly decided that Caligo would never be more than another elitist member of the Crux family and all but ignored after drawing this conclusion and withdrawing from most family matters.

Caligo at the time was thankful to be left alone. His grandparents had always stressed the importance of respecting one’s parents, and he showed them respect because it was expected, but beyond that there was little else. He simply thought they were beneath him with shirking them off as timid submissive personalities with lack of ambition. He never knew just how aware of his feelings they were until recently as the disdain his father feels for him slowly grows more apparent. For now he has just decided to leave things as is, not seeing the real harm in leaving each other be. There was never much love there between either to begin with.


-School Career-

He received his letter and had to wait almost a year to attend, it was agonizing, but to his delight he was sorted into Slytherin. Just as he knew he would be, that was where he belonged. His grandparents sent him piles of gifts immediately after, including a broom which was taken from him temporarily due to the first year policies. They were upset that such a policy should apply to their grandson, Caligo agreed at the time. Once he began school his parents decided that from then on his visits to his grandparents would be during the holidays instead of summers, which more than annoyed him. Still he was a respectful boy and took the news gracefully, though he often saved the worst of his attitude for the summer months with his parents. 

Academically he's had a very successful school career despite some more recent skipped classes. He is determined to redeem himself for his unfortunate breeding by excelling in school and career. His ambitions for some time have been on the more vague side just wanting to make an impact and prove himself so to speak, his standards ranged from world renowned wizard to minister of magic. Lately however he has narrowed his scope some, he has an interest in ministry work still, but he also has taken an interest in the possibility of becoming an historian or a professor. Regardless he knows he wants to make a name for himself and doing this is his top priority. 

Caligo’s fourth year was very hard on him, and impacted his character greatly. In the last months of the year Caligo was exposed to many new faces, the majority from outside his house. Caligo never having the most agreeable of dispositions clashed with most and knew this full well, but the backlash that resulted was more than even he could handle. Very quickly squabbles he would take as routine turned into more malicious and frequent confrontations. Many classmates, even those he had never met before made it very clear from the first that they wanted nothing to do with him, and treated him as little more than a vile “snake,” to be put in his place and then ignored. Usually he would take such things in stride, but after relentless repeat at times from sources that were all but unwarranted he began to question if there was truth to it and the very thought of it nearly devastated him. It was only the support of his upperclassman Leah that let him put some of his doubts aside. He’s become much more guarded of a person, not trusting any fresh faces really, and has also worked hard to ebb his temper. The events of the last days of school in particular a conversation with one of the people he had previously had difficulty with really helped him see his spiteful attitude though it didn’t excuse the behavior of others had played its own big part in the discrepancies. He has mostly come to terms with those that he had difficulty with, choosing to at least try to put them out of mind completely and avoid dragging the ordeal out for his own sake.

The entire event at the close of the year struck him, but honestly it was all more shock then devastation. He did not have a very deep relationship with either professor Rendell or Desmarais, and really didn't know what to think. When his grandparents asked him about it all he couldn't tell them much more than any other spectator, he wished he had had more insight but in that way he was just as disappointed as them. Mostly it just left him with answers where there were no questions and questions with no answers. He's much more suspicious of the happenings of the school now, thinking that if such an elaborate thing could be put together without detection what else could be happening in those halls? He wants to be far more diligent and perhaps get through the years less scathed then some of his unlucky classmates.

♦ Canus Crux -  Grandfather, father's side - Pureblood
♦ Ater Crux - Grandmother, father's side - Pureblood
♦ Lorem Crux - Father - Pureblood
♦ Ragina Crux - Mother - Muggle
♦ Rigby Mortivern - Cousin, mother's side - Half Blood

   - Positions of authority
   - Reading (especially biography and history texts.)
   - Rich Sweets chocolate particularly
   - Flying
   - Outsmarting others in remotely any context
   - History of Magic class
   - intelligent conversation

   - Social situations
   - People with attitudes
   - Pompous behavior
   - Having to listen to others and take direction
   - Obnoxious noises
   - Rowdiness
   - Laziness
   - Forgetfulness
   - Immaturity
   - Lofty ideas
   - Humidity

Elective Classes
-Study of Ancient Runes

Extra Curricular
-Ancient Studies
-Frog Choir

♦ Name: Utilis
♦ Species: Barn Owl
♦ Sex: Male
♦ Personality: Passive, affectionate, loyal


♦ Has a bit of a problem with keeping his breathing even which is why he's so breath-y
♦ Has a toad named Gibba that he really doesn't pay much mind to. He only got her to have his own toad in frog chior.
♦ Being called snake affects him dramatically and is the fast track to getting on his dislike list.
♦ Is always willing to tutor underclassman of any house.
♦ Stacks books all around him in the library and other public areas to deter company.
♦ Uses muggle supplies during private study time because he writes quickly and it makes it easier for him.
♦ Wears prefect pin on tie when he's not wearing his robes.
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